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Skywalker X8 Tiltrotor

This blog post includes the details of my VTOL aircraft build project. VTOL means "Vertical Take Off and Landing". After my multicopter and remote control model helicopter builds, I was interested in Vtol aircrafts. Because of short flight time drawbacks of multirotors, I searched for the solution which has longer endurance. Fixed wing aircrafts have longer flight time and flight range advantages over multicopters. But they require runways or catapult launch systems/parachute for takeoff and landing. I searched most feasible fixed wing RC (remote control) aircraft to transform it to a vtol aircraft. My first and most important requirement was that the aircraft should have enough space to put all my avionics. Meanwhile I saw a Skywalker X8 in the second hand rc equipments announcement group. After studied its specifications, I decided to use Skywalker X8 delta wing aircraft for my VTOL build project.   I bought Skywalker X8 and started to search tilt mechanism. At